Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015

this message comes to you as a surprise ...



Dear Friend,

I know that this message will come to you as a surprise as we never meet before. I am the Auditing and Accounting section manager in Bank Of Africa (B.O.A) Ouagadougou Burkina Faso. I Hope that you will not expose or betray this trust and confident that I am about to repose on you for the mutual benefit of our both families.

I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of $9.3 Million US Dollars to your account within 10 or 14 banking days. This money has been dormant for years in our Bank without claim. I want the bank to release the money to you as the nearest person to our deceased customer I don't want the money to go into bank treasury as an abandoned fund. So this is the reason why I am contacting you so that the bank can release the money to you as the next of kin to the deceased customer.

Please I would like you to keep this proposal as a top secret and delete it if you are not interested. Immediately i received your reply with the following personal information’s bellow, I will give you full details on how the business will be executed and also note that you will have 40% of the above mentioned sum while 60% will be for me.

If you are interested to handle this business with me send me the needed information’s bellow.

1. YOUR FULL NAME..........

2. NATIONALITY.................

3. YOUR AGE......................

4. OCCUPATION.................

5. PHONE NUMBER.............


Montag, 27. Juli 2015

Wer kann hier helfen?

I'm sorry you're getting the mail from me at this Point in time,my family and I came down here to Istanbul,Turkey for a short vacation unfortunately we were mugged at the park of the hotel we stayed,all cash credit cards and cell were stolen off  but luckily for us we still have our passports with us.
I have been to the embassy and the Police here but they're not helping issues at all and our flight leaves pretty soon from now but we're having problems settling the hotel bills and the hotel manager won't let us leave until we settle the bills.Please be so kind to reply back so I can tell you what to do and how to get some cash to us.
I'm freaked out at the moment
Joachim Fischer

Sonntag, 19. Juli 2015

Director Waliah Zida schreibt. Diesesmal Englisch. ... a very highly secret. Wer kann helfen? Immediately bitte!

Dear Good Friend,

Compliment of the season,

I am Mr.Waliah Zida, Director In charge of Auditing and accounting
department of Bank Of Africa, BOA, I hope that you will not betray or
expose this trust and confident that i am about to repose on you for
the mutual benefit of our both families.

I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of TEN MILLION
immediately to your account anywhere you chose.

This is a very highly secret, i will like you to please keep this
proposal as a top secret or delete it if you are not interested, upon
receipt of your reply, i will send to you more details about this
business deal.

I will also direct you on how this deal will be done without any
problem; you must understand that this is 100% free from risk.

Therefore my questions are:-
1. Can you handle this project?
2. Can I give you this trust?
If yes, get back to me immediately.

I will be waiting to hear from you immediately
Mr. Waliah Zida

Mittwoch, 8. Juli 2015

Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2015

Heute Nacht ist Schaltsekunde. Mist.
Muss man jetzt die Uhr vor- oder zurückstellen? 

Montag, 22. Juni 2015

dpa meldet aus Bremen: 

Eine Mutter mit akuter Leseschwäche hat ein Kino lahmgelegt.
Die Polizei ließ elf Kinosäle räumen - und das, weil die Mutter eine SMS ihres 16-jährigen Sohnes nicht richtig gelesen hatte. Die Mutter hatte die Beamten am Sonnabend alarmiert, ihr Sohn habe ihr geschrieben: "Hol mich bitte sofort ab, ich werde umgebracht."
Eine Streifenwagenbesatzung suchte, fand den Jungen aber nicht. Auch sein Handy war nicht mehr erreichbar. Der Sicherheitschef des Kinos ließ daraufhin das Kino komplett räumen. Erst, als die Gäste das Haus verließen, zeigte die Mutter der Polizei die SMS - darin stand: "Musst mich nicht abholen. Werde rumgebracht."
Das Kino prüft Regressansprüche gegen die Mutter.
Ist eine Mensch_In dafür verantwortlich, wenn sie - weil sie nicht lesen kann - Schaden anrichtet?

Dienstag, 14. April 2015


  1. Jurastudenten. Nach(-vor?-)arbeiten: Invitatio ad offerendum
  2. Preisfrage. Was sollen in diesem Fall alle CDs kosten? 
  3. Deutsch. Schwierig.